John C Reilly Is Confirmed For GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

As much as I’m looking forward to Winter Soldier (though not as much some TNS staffers who will go unnamed), Guardians of the Galaxy is easily the (in-production) comic book adaptation most on my radar right now. It’s a perfect combination of source material and filmmaker and it just keeps getting more interesting almost by the day.


For example, word has finally come down that the rumors are true and John C Reilly has joined the ever-growing cast. After some initial confusion at Deadline, it appears the actor is playing (as was suspected weeks ago) Rhomann Dey of the Nova Corps. It’s still unknown if the other part of the rumor will pan out and he’ll be a Coulson-like go-between attached to the team. Earlier reports said he’d report back to SHIELD, but it makes much more sense if he’s their connection to the Nova Corps.

No matter what function his character fills, Reilly joins Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan, David Bautista, Glenn Close, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker and Benicio Del Toro – an already fantastic cast that’s obviously still growing. Combine that cast with writer/director James Gunn and you’ve got a film I’d be lining up for even if it wasn’t based on a comic and a team that I love.

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