Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Do Everything In SANDMAN Movie

A movie based on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comic has been a wish that filmmakers have been trying to make happen since the 90s. Unsurprisingly, there’s a new attempt in the works, but the people involved might actually be enough to get this one off the ground.


David Goyer, who wrote or produced roughly half of all the comic book movies you’ve ever seen will be co-producing this latest attempt (and obviously there’s a good chance he’ll be writing the film). His partner will be Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is expected to not only co-produce, but is rumored to be planning to star and direct as well. My sources have told me he’d also like to be the best boy and head of craft services.

Gordon-Levitt announced his involvement on Twitter, because that’s what you do now.

Sandman would be his fourth role in a comic book film and his second time in the director’s chair.

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