Paul Rudd Is Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man

In the six and a half years since it was announced, there’s been a lot of time for speculation about who would play Ant-Man in director Edgar Wright’s adaptation of the Marvel comic. It seems though that the debate has finally come to an end with today’s news.

According to both Variety and The Wrap, the role has been cast and Paul Rudd is in final negotiations. The actor was among those on the rumored shortlist.


Putting Rudd (who can currently be seen in Anchorman 2) in the the lead role certainly gives a hint as to the direction Wright and co-writer Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) are taking the film.

I’m pretty cool with that, actually. I like the fact that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is big enough that it can encompass more than one genre. It leads to a more interesting and fleshed out shared world.

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