Just Accept The Fact That You’re Excited About The New RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION Trailer

After the very cool teaser trailer for Resident Evil: Retribution came out in January, we’ve all been looking forward to seeing more of the film. Not because any of us really think it’s going to be any good, in fact I don’t think anyone does, but because we’re all dying to see it anyway. The Resident Evil movies are kind of all of our collective guilty pleasure, we all know they’re just really terrible but we all watch them. All of us.

That’s why it’s always a good day when a new trailer for the next one hits. And today it’s the first full trailer for this September’s Resident Evil: Retribution. So check it out and admit to yourself that as dumb as it looks you can’t wait to see it.

My favorite part – the onscreen text announcing “Milla Jovovich… In 3D.” Well played , trailer, well played.

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