LEGEND OF KORRA: BOOK 3 Trailer Is Full Of All Kinds Of Surprises

It seems that Nickelodeon wasn’t quite ready to release the trailer for the upcoming season of Legend of Korra, but someone forced their hand. Co-creator Bryan Koneitzko explained on his Tumblr that, “Thanks to the shenanigans of Leaky McLeakerpants, we have released the *OFFICIAL* Book 3 trailer early.” This is why the trailer has no voice work or sound effects, but with this level of animation you’d hardly miss it.

I will say now, if you don’t want to see what characters are showing up/coming back you might not want to watch. And probably just throw your computer away because you’re not going to be able avoid this.

Zuko’s back!

Screenshot from 2014-06-11 22:11:32And Bumi’s bending?!?!

Screenshot from 2014-06-11 22:16:04He looks just as surprised as us.

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