SIN CITY 2 Trailer Shows Some Story, Not Just Visuals

When the first trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For came out a few months ago, it was little more than a series of disjointed images, reminding audiences of Frank Miller’s stylized world that Robert Rodriguez so accurately translated on-screen almost a decade ago. With the release of this new trailer, however, it’s time to show people not what they’d seen, but what they will see.

The new trailer gives a general idea of the story, well stories, and probably leads one to believe they’re more interconnected than they actually are. The film is based the Sin City arcs “A Dame to Kill For” and “Just Another Saturday Night”, as well as “The Long Bad Night” and “The Fat Loss” which are new chapters Miller wrote for the film.

And therein lies a cause for concern. Just how long ago was the last time Frank Miller wrote something any good?

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