Marvel’s Got How Many More Shows In The Pipeline?

Marvel and their rodent-run parent company must be very pleased with SHIELD‘s success. And why wouldn’t they be, the ratings are great and the DVR numbers are, predictably, spectacular. It’s probably because of this that the studio is quickly looking to vastly expand their TV presence (though DC’s rapidly growing television empire is surely a factor as well). And when I say vastly, I’m not kidding.

Marvel’s reportedly planning four more series and a mini-series.

According to Deadline, Marvel is shopping the shows as a package with a commitment of 60 episodes, but is unclear whether it’s 60 episodes total or 60 episodes per series. Apparently, interested parties include Netflix, Amazon and syndicated network WGN, as well as “traditional cable networks” (which leads me to believe it’s 60 episodes total).

The site also speculates the the previously rumored Agent Carter series is part of the package, after pointing out who tight-lipped everyone is about details.

Personally, I’m feeling like Devin Feraci at Bad Ass Digest is more likely on the right track with his theory.

Could this be the launch of a street-level Marvel heroes line? Daredevil, The Punisher, Luke Cage and maybe Moon Knight might all make sense, coming together as an ersatz Defenders in the mini-series.

I’d love to see that very smart plan happen.

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