More JESSICA JONES Teasers And A Free Comic? Is It Christmas Already?

The brief teasers Marvel and Netflix have been releasing to promote the upcoming Jessica Jones series have been an absolute treat. As soon as I finish watching one, I immediately look forward to the next. Thankfully this week has been an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the private detective/former superhero.

We not only saw the release of two teasers, but also a free prequel comic.

The first of the two teasers showed off some of Jessica’s powers and mimicked an earlier promotional shot for Daredevil.

The second new spot introduced fans to David Tennant’s Purple Man, Jessica’s arch-enemy.

In addition to all that, Marvel put out a free comic giving us a glimpse of how Jessica Jones gets shit done. What’s really cool about this (beyond its price tag) is that the story reunites the Alias team that created the character in the first place – Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos and David Mack. While a bit slight, the comic does a good job of introducing fans to the MCU version of the character.


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