New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Trailer. Watch It. Now.

The new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is out, and it’s amazing.

I know it’s a bit of a belabored point by now, but seriously, wrap your head around the fact that this is a movie that’s coming out this year.

The guy from Parks and Rec, a wrestler and an actress already famous for her roles in other sci-fi franchises are playing a team space-faring “heroes” alongside a tree that talks a bit like a Pokemon and an alien raccoon who really doesn’t seem happy about wearing a uniform.


There’s a space station made out of the head of a dead space giant…

knowhereSpace Cop Glenn Close with this amazing hair


And an apparently very important (and awesome) mix tape.


As strange and off-putting as any of that stuff has the potential to be, it all seems to work. Is there anything off the table for Disney now? What great, weird corners of the Marvel Universe are they looking at next?

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