New Pictures Of Affleck’s Batsuit From #SDCC

Pretty much everyone expects Warner Bros and DC to show off something from Batman v Superman at their Comic Con panel on Saturday. Some footage, that group shot that was teased recently, something. A little less expected was just how much of Ben Affleck’s costume we’d be seeing before that panel.

First we got a good look at the cape and cowl everyone’s favorite former-Daredevil would be sporting in the upcoming film.

Ben-Affleck-Batman-Cape-Cowl-Comic-Con-2014(This shot via Dan Didio’s Twitter.)

If you look at the jawline, it appears that the head and neck are two separate pieces, which should give Affleck the freedom to actually move his head around. My favorite thing about it though has to be the way the sculpted mask meet up with the cloth cape and how much it looks like the way toy companies deal with the same problem.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, DC also gave us a look at Affleck wearing said cowl.

BVSThe picture is part of a Batman 75th anniversary “montage wall” (it’s a collage, people, a collage) featuring images of the Caped Crusader throughout his 3/4 of a century of publication. Apparently, they wanted to surprise the fans at the convention with the new picture, but also wanted to put a high-res version online before the internet was flooded with cell phone shots.

I will say this, he really, really looks like Batman.

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