As usual, the Playmates presentation was all Ninja Turtles all the time, which makes sense since there was so much of it.

Basic Figures

The basic figure line continues this year, introducing some new characters and some fun repaints. Also look for the big Dimension X push, which seems to be the upcoming arc on the TMNT cartoon.

20150214_165729_1 20150214_165742_1 20150214_165748_1


20150214_165803_2 20150214_170215

Loving the vintage deco.

20150214_170232 20150214_170237


The Mutations line has been doing well for the company, so expect that to expand in the coming year. Turtles that change from pet to ninja, those customizer-friendly figures with the swappable parts and a new set of Centurians-esque figures with armored shells. There’s a lot of toys that change on their way.

20150214_170031 20150214_170048 20150214_170625 20150214_170634

Raph without his shell is straight-up nightmare fuel.


Inspired by the episode where Donatello was eaten by a muscle car (don’t ask), this line of figures/cars is something Playmates is really excited about.

20150214_164156 20150214_164202_1 20150214_164214_1 20150214_164229_1 20150214_164258 20150214_164322 20150214_164326_1 20150214_164450 20150214_164522_1 20150214_164522_2

Half-Shell Heroes

Designed for little kids, but super collector friendly, this is one of my favorite lines right now. If only Target would get them back in stock.

20150214_165233 20150214_165244 20150214_165249 20150214_165317 20150214_165324_1 20150214_165329_1 20150214_165406 20150214_165412


The Party Wagon and the Pizza Thrower are back. Casey gets a “Slamboni” and a new figure to go with it. Mikey and Raph get their own sweet rides.

20150214_170451 20150214_170716 20150214_170726

Sewer Playset

The Sewer Playset is getting a facelift, with new features and a Dimension X portal.

20150214_170752 20150214_170801 20150214_170810


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