Hasbro’s ignoring the humans with the upcoming Jurassic World line (unless they’re food). Sorry, those Jurassic Park G.I. Joes were a one-shot deal. This is totally fine since the dinosaurs are┬áthe best┬ápart anyway.

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The playset is exactly the same as the one from the first movie, only scaled down for the 2.5″ figures.

They also had super-fun dinosaur heads and hands.

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This weird game thing is hilarious. You wind up the dinosaurs and launch them at each other. When they hit, they go into this insane spinning fight. Amazing. The game itself is played like Rock, Paper, Scissors so the action stuff is entirely superfluous. Even Better.



(Sorry for the bad picture.)

If you like dinosaurs and don’t mind the lack of feathers, Hasbro’s got you set.

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