Potentially Bullshit Rumor Of The Day – A Peggy Carter TV Series Is On The Way

With neither DC nor Marvel willing to risk a female-led film quite yet (despite rumblings that the winds are changing) there’s now a rumor floating around that Marvel’s looking to TV as the place to have a woman heading up the ass-kicking. But is this really anything more than a rumor?


According to Deadline, Marvel is developing an Agent Carter series based on the strength of the short about Peggy Carter being a total bad-ass included on the upcoming Iron Man 3 Blu-ray.

I hear the project is in very early stages, one of several in the works at Marvel, and is in the process of locking in a writer. It is unclear if [Hayley] Atwell would reprise her role if Agent Carter comes to fruition.

Note that Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva doesn’t even give the slightest hint of where this news comes from. I understand protecting your source’s anonymity, but give us enough to know we can trust them. To often, “I hear…” rumors are just that.

Also note the lack of absolutely any information whatsoever.

An Agent Carter series seems highly unlikely to me, and I mean incredibly unlikely. But if by some insane chance it does happen, I will be the first to admit I was wrong.

I don’t see that coming any time soon though.

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