Scrapped JURASSIC PARK IV Concept Art Is The Craziest Thing You’ll See This Year

We knew that the plans they had at one point for Jurassic Park IV were truly bug-fuck crazy ever since Aint It Cool News reviewed the script back in 2007. That review explained that the film was to include, no lie, a mercenary team of genetically engineered human-dinosaur hybrids. However, It’s only now that we’re learning just how insane the movie would have been.

After the fallout from that script review scared the producers they were more than a little wary, which is understandable. And then the other shoe dropped. One of the concept artists on the project, Carlos Huante, spoke to the website and explained “that as soon as the heads at Amblin saw the artwork, they shut down the project almost instantly.”

What artwork would that be? Why the designs for the dino-people, of course!

I love his “sexy pose.”

So, yea. This was a thing that almost happened. Huh.

Hat-tip to Badass Digest.

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