Simon Pegg To Co-write STAR TREK 3

Simon Pegg’s Genie That Only Grants Star Trek Related Wishes has granted his second request. Not only will Pegg be playing Scotty in the franchise, he’ll be writing the next installment too. Well, co-writing at least.


Go on, celebrate. You’ve earned it.

Following Roberto Orci’s recent expulsion from the latest sequel, director Justin Lin (most of the Fast and the Furious films) stepped in to take his place behind the camera, with Doug Jung (Big Love, Dark Blue) filling in behind the keyboard. But presumably due to Jung’s short resume, Paramount wanted to give him a bit of help in the form of noted Trek fan and excellent writer Pegg.

Hopefully, this film will be more like the first installment in the reboot series and less like Into Darkness, which has Orci’s Truther stink all over it, in addition to just being a shitty movie. Even more hopefully, Pegg will write a part for Nick Frost as Harry Mudd.


“I cannae believe how good that casting is!”

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