DEADPOOL Movie To Start Shooting Soon?!?

Every time I hear news about how the Deadpool movie is really happening a part of me is still not sure I believe it. However, that disbelieving voice is getting harder to listen to, especially as word comes from Global News that the film is set to go in front of cameras in March.

Deadpool (which Reynolds seems to personally have willed into existence… so why was he so bad in Green Lantern?) will shoot for two months fittingly at Vancouver’s North Shore Studios. Directed by VFX artist Tim Miller and co-starring TJ Miller (no relation) and Ed Skrein, the movie has a February 12, 2016 release date. This doesn’t necessarily bode well, as Valentine’s weekend is traditionally when weird, kinda shitty Marvel films get unloaded (Daredevil and both Ghostriders were released as romcom counter-programming).

Deadpool’s an interesting character, in that who he is now is so very different than when he was introduced that they might as well be two different people. No longer a bland shoot-em-up 90s-tough-guy parody of Deathstroke, he’s now a being of pure chaos, acting as more of an irritant than antihero. Perhaps more interestingly, despite his homicidal tendencies, he’s one of the very few examples in comics of a mentally ill character who isn’t wholly evil, as well as one of the only pansexual characters in all of cape comics.


I doubt we’ll see that aspect of his personality in the film though.

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