SIN CITY 2 Cast Grows, Kills Other Casting Rumors

I’ve long-thought of Sin City: A Dame To Kill For as probable vapor-ware. In the going-on-eight years¬†(!)¬†since Robert Rodriguez’s adaptation of Frank Miller’s noir comic first hit theatres, both men have talked about its sequel as an inevitability that was seemingly always in pre-production. I’d accepted the fact that it was never going to actually happen and moved on, but apparently Rodriguez and Miller did not and their persistence has paid off, with the film going in front of cameras this year.

To that end, casting is starting to move along at a surprising clip. And three actors have been announced just this week alone:

  • Law & Order’s Christopher Meloni will be joining the film, breaking out of his comfort zone and playing a cop, though probably a more corrupt one than usual.
  • Josh Brolin will once-again play the younger version of established character by taking on the role of a pre-plastic surgery Dwight (formerly Clive Owen).
  • Lastly, Joseph-Gordon Levitt is putting all those casting rumors about him to rest by signing on as Johnny, a new character first offered to Johnny Depp. With this on his plate, Levitt won’t have time in his schedule to reprise his role as John Blake in DC’s Justice League movie, to lead the Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel or to battle Godzilla.

There’s still part of me that isn’t 100% convinced this movie is really getting made and will only believe it when I see a trailer.

Skott Stotland is a thousand monkeys in a man suit. He has been writing for the internet for over a decade.

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