Sony’s Making A SPIDER-MAN Movie With… A Girl?!?

Hold on to your fedoras fanboys, this one might be a little much for you to handle.

While Disney’s Marvel Studios keeps talking about maybe someday possibly down the line somewhere making a Black Widow or Captain Marvel solo film, Sony’s actually making moves to get a female-led superhero movie into theatres.

Despite the disappointing returns on Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony is still going all-in on the sole superhero franchise they have the license to. Amazing Spider-Man 3 might be pushed back from 2016 to 2018, but that’s not affecting their plans to expand beyond stories that just focus on Peter Parker. The Sinister Six and Venom movies are still in various stages of development and now word comes that their Spider-verse is growing again.

According to Deadline, the newest addition will be based on one of the women in the Spider-Man family but it’s still not known which one. There’s Silver Sable, Stunner and Firestar (though she might be tied up with the rest of the mutants at Fox), but more likely it’ll be Black Cat (who appeared in Amazing Spider-Man 2, played by Felicity Jones) or one of the several characters who have gone by the moniker Spider-Woman (probably Jessica Drew).

drewIn an extra-surprising move, not only is Sony planning a female-led superhero film, but they’ve hired a woman to write it, something equally rare. Lisa Joy, a veteran of Burn Notice and Pushing Daisies who’s currently working on HBO’s upcoming Westworld series, has been tapped to handle the script. No director’s been named yet.

The schedule right now appears to be Sinister Six in November 2016, this new film and Venom sometime in 2017, followed by Amazing Spider-Man 3 in 2018. Hopefully this plan works out, but it is important to point out that there have been five Spider-Man films in the past 12 years and every one of them has made less than one before it.

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