What Are Marvel’s Plans For Squirrel Girl?

Today’s wonderful, joyous news might have major effects on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel has registered all the necessary trademarks forĀ Squirrel Girl. And with Thanos as the villain, now we know how Avengers 3 is going to play out. Everyone else can stay and party at Avengers Tower. She’s got this handled. It might as well be a Vine.
3746748-squirrel-vs-thanosThis is a thing that’s really happening. We’re very likely going to see a character who controls squirrels (and somehow became insanely – like Batman levels – overpowered) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I am so happy. I love her so much.

We’ll probably see her in the Netflix shows, as she rose to prominence a few years ago as Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ babysitter, and one of those series will focus on Jones.SGBSSo, who would you guys cast as the funnest, most powerful hero in the Marvel Universe? Personally, I’d go with Warehouse 13‘s Allison Scagliotti.allisonAnd in case you think I got sucked in by some crazy rumor…squirrelH/T – Bleeding Cool

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