STAR WARS: REBELS To Get A Visit From A Familiar Princess

Looks like someone at Disney’s been reading my fan fic.

Next week’s midseason premiere of Star Wars: Rebels will feature an appearance by a young Princess Leia. And a bunch of other stuff (including some reverse foreshadowing for Episode 7) happens in this trailer too, I guess.

Yoda, someone calling himself “Old Master,” Ahsoka telling Ezra about Anakin, another cross-guard lightsaber. Lots of cool things to see here, but that’s not what I’m looking forward to. Ever since I realized that Ezra was the same age as Luke and Leia and that we’d be seeing a fair amount of Bail Organa I’ve wanted to see teen-Leia on the series.

I just think she and Ezra would make a really cute couple is all. Don’t you fucking judge me.

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