Damn, Paramount’s having a rough year. G.I. Joe: Retaliation tested so badly that they pushed it back by nine months so they could “post-convert it to 3D” (read: fix the fundamental dead-Duke problems with the film). World War Z is so fucked that even now that it’s done filming Damon Lindelof has been brought in to rewrite the ending. It’s been pushed back by six months (for now). And now, the Michael Bay-produced TMNT (which was set for December of next year) is being delayed, probably shelved.

According to THR‘s sources, the film is being pushed to May of 2014 but they go on to say that the studio has begun temporarily laying off preproduction staff and informing those prepping the film that the work stoppage is “indefinite.” The reason, unsurprisingly, is issues with the script. You remember, the one that had the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as aliens.

At least we’ve still got Nickelodeon’s amazing-looking new Ninja Turtles cartoon to look forward to.

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