Information about Michael Bay’s Jonathan Liebesman’s upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie has been relatively hard to come by compared to other summer blockbusters. This might have something to do with the backlash surrounding literally everything that was announced back when they were more forthcoming about the project.

What we do know is the movie comes out in a hair under five months and today sees the release of the first footage (and the first official images, period). But is it any good?

It looks… interesting. I’m cautiously optimistic, personally. I don’t hate the designs at all (honestly, I like them a lot, and I said as much after Toy Fair), and really the Michelangelo mask joke is pretty good and perfectly in character.

Though I’m not 100% sure how the Shredder-helped-create-the-Turtles-in-an-attempt-to-create-heroes thing is going to work. As in, how’s he supposed to mad when he’s a crime lord running the city and they try to stop him? Shouldn’t he all be saying “Aww, my little experiments are growing up and making me proud,” instead of “Kill the Turtles!” Just Saying.

And when people complain about Megan Fox playing April, I’d just like to remind them how NSFW a Google image search for “April O’Neil fan art” is. That’s what fans think of when they of April, but somehow, Megan Fox is too sexy to fit the picture in their heads. I will never understand fans of anything.

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