We Know What SHIELD’s Blue Alien Is

For the first half of Agents of SHIELD‘s first (and, so far, only confirmed) season, the over-arching mystery was “How did Coulson come back from the dead?”. Now that that’s been kind of answered, the next puzzle is the specifics. Most directly, what the hell was that blue alien that miracle cure GH-325 was derived from?

Agents-of-SHIELD-Blue-Alien-Face-Closeup-1024x576It’s been the topic of much debate (and a bet among our friends over at Biff Bam Pop!), but that debate’s come to an end now that SHIELD‘s Chloe Bennett has let slip a bit of information on the creature’s identity.

If you don’t want to know what’s coming up on the show, turn back before the…

SpoilerSpaceWhile at PayleyFest, Bennett (who plays the recently resurrected Skye on the series) was speaking to Fanboy Comics and casually referred to the alien as a Kree, “as we all know.”

That slip might not be as jarring as it initially seems. The next episode of SHIELD, “End of the Beginning,” was screened at PayleyFest, so it’s highly likely that the reveal is in that episode and she meant “we” as in “the people here who saw the episode” and not “we” as in “the entire viewing audience.”

Either way, we now know that both Coulson and Skye have Kree blood in them. There was an interesting theory floated by one of the writers at TV Guide a few days ago (before the Kree confirmation) that seems like it could be plausible.

They proposed that since “Skye [is] an 0-8-4 who now has an unknown alien substance in her” it’s possible that “she could eventually become a superhero — maybe even Ms. Marvel, who gained her powers as a result of being in an explosion with Kree superhero Captain Marvel. After all, we don’t know Skye’s real name. For all we know, it could be Carol Danvers.”

Whether they use Skye for the character or not (though it would be very easy if they did), SHIELD giving people infusions of Kree blood is a handy way to set up an origin for Carol Danvers without having to use the much less popular Mar-Vell first.

Hat tip to Screen Rant.

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