It’s an embarrassment of photographic riches today when it comes to Fox’s mutant movies, with new images from both Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse that give fans the first look at some pretty major characters.

First up is X-Men: Apocalypse


Mohawk Storm!


It’s weird that with the big deal they’ve made of Mystique not wanting to hide who she is, all the pics from this movie have her looking decidedly not blue.

EW-cover-1373-Xmen_459x612 fassbender-ew-1373

Magneto seems pretty confused about his new look on the cover up there.

mcavoy-xmen-1373-ew oscar-issac-1373-ew

Out of all the characters in Singer’s X-films, Psylocke gets the most comic-accurate costume? Really? Ok, I guess. And it looks like they did the best they could with Apocalypse, one of the worst villains in all of comics.

The Deadpool shots are a bit more fun.


It’s like he managed to actually break through the Fourth Wall and into real life.

deadpool-HR-2_1200_884_81_s deadpool-HR-3_1200_876_81_sI’m not at all surprised that Deadpool likes musicals.
deadpool-HR-4_1200_1926_81_s deadpool-HR-5_1200_875_81_s

You’re the guy who voices the mucous in those commercials?!?

deadpool-HR-6_1200_872_81_s deadpool-HR-7_1200_1915_81_s

We finally get a classic X-Men uniform and it’s on a character that 10 people remember named after a song 10 people remember. Huh.

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