Transformers: Combiner Wars Goes Big At Toy Fair

Transformers is all about connections this year, as Generations: Combiner Wars focuses on those big bots made up of smaller bots. Combine anyone with anyone else to make your own Combiners or just stick with the ones that go together. It’s your call and they’re your toys. Do what you want with them.

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The crown in Hasbro’s Transformers crown, though, has to be the massive Devastator. Made up of 6 Voyager class figures, he’ll dwarf damn near everything else in your collection. He’s so big in fact, that the bots that make up his legs are the same height as the original figure.

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The new cartoon, Robots in Disguise, also had a presence. The toys and the show seem fun, if not exactly overly serious. Oh, and Minicons are back.

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