Hasbro Brings Marvel To Toy Fair

Hasbro’s Marvel lines keep coming with new 6″ Marvel Legends and 3.75″ Marvel Infinite with movie figures in both. There’s also a 2.5″ Avengers: Age of Ultron series with a very cool, massive Avengers Tower.

Marvel Legends

Wave 1 for this year is already out (it’s the one with Captain Marvel and Iron Fist). Wave 2 consists of movie Captain America, Hulk (I think movie?), Spider-Woman, Hellcat, Iron Man mk43, a comic-style Batroc and a Thanos BAF.

20150214_150106 20150214_150154




Wave 3 will be a Marvel Now Dr. Strange, Vision, Blizzard, Marvel Now Iron Man, movie War Machine, Thundra, Valkrye and a gigantic Hulk Buster BAF.

20150214_145828 20150214_145835

The Ant-Man wave has movie Ant-Man (who comes with a small Ant-Man and Yellowjacket), Tiger Shark, Wasp, Grim Reaper (with a new body), Giant Man, Bulldozer and a movie Ultron Prime BAF.

20150214_145719 20150214_145725 20150214_145729 20150214_145734

The Spider-Man wave is that fantastic Spidey they showed a while ago, a new Daredevil, Scarlett Spider, Misty goddamn Knight, Ghost Rider, Kraven, Superior Venom, White Tiger and a Rhino BAF.

20150214_150031 20150214_150309

Marvel Infinite

The 3.75″ line continues with Emma Frost (with her first figure at this scale), Scarlet Spider, Korg, Chameleon (with alternate Hammerhead and J. Jonah Jameson heads), Vulture, 90s Daredevil, blue Deadpool and Gold Ultron.

20150214_150221 20150214_150230

There are also a ton of retailer exclusives coming out.

Entertainment Earth gets Hawkeye and a blue/white Iron Man in the Titans scale.

Toys R Us will have a pair of movie two-packs featuring Captain America/Black Widow and Iron Man mk43/Nick Fury as well as a “SHIELD Director” three-pack of Fury, Coulson and Maria Hill.

Wal-Mart will see an exclusive Hulk Buster mask/fists role play set.

Amazon will have a movie four-pack of Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Bruce Banner.

2.5″ Age of Ultron

For such small figures, this line is huge, with a three-part Avengers Tower and an exhaustive line-up of characters. Also despite what you’ve heard, Black Widow will be in the set. She wasn’t in the display though.

20150214_144110 20150214_144202 20150214_144211 20150214_144257


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