Following the finale of Transformers Prime, fans have been wondering when their beloved Autobots would return to TV. And while the new series, Robots in Disguise, was announced ages ago, the start date for the show hadn’t been. But now we know when it’ll hit the air and the crazy time slot it’s got.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise will debut on Cartoon Network with a one hour special Saturday, March 14 at 6:00pm. After that it moves to its regular time – Saturdays at 6:30am. Really.

You might recognize that at the same time slot CN usually uses to burn off the last episodes of shows they’re about to cancel. This does not seem to show an abundance of faith in Robots in Disguise.

That mirrors the opinions of many fans who dismissed the series outright because of the new animation style and “light-hearted” tone.


Here’s the show’s description –

The new series begins as Bumblebee must step up to be a leader in the years after we left the Autobots in Transformers Prime. Summoned by Optimus Prime to save Earth from a new Decepticon threat, Bumblebee puts his light-hearted mettle to the test after assembling a rogue team of young Autobot action heroes. Bumblebee must balance his job fighting off evil with being equal parts squad leader and coach to a rascally band that needs constant coaxing to learn how to work together. The results are comical when the cool rebel Sideswipe, elite guard cadet Strongarm, bombastic dinobot Grimlock and overly-excited mini-con Fixit must balance keeping the team together with chasing and capturing their new enemies in every episode packed full of action, fun and adventure.

So, will you be setting your DVR? You know damn well you won’t be awake in time to watch it.

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