TWIN PEAKS Rumor That Wasn’t True Might End Up True After All

I’m sure many of you saw the completely-bullshit rumor floating around the other day that Twin Peaks was making a return to TV.

It all started with some very non-committal answers about the possibility of more episodes. Series co-creator Mark Frost told Sci-Fi Now “Who knows what will happen in the future,” before explaining that a new season of Twin Peaks is “something we talk about from time to time” and that “If we ever do decide to move forward, I know we have a rich trove to draw from.”

From there, reports that David Lynch had been in touch with NBC started circulating.

And as it turns out, not only was it wishful thinking, but sometimes wishes come true.

NBC President Jennifer Salke is apparently also on the internet as she read those same rumors, and was surprised to hear of the non-existent talks.

I called everybody when I got the email,” she said. “None of us had gotten a call about that, not from an agent, not from the writer, not the head of drama… so we’re wondering the same thing you are… ”When it came up we all looked at each other and said, ‘That’s a good idea.’ We were all kind of like, ‘Hmm, we like Twin Peaks!’ So, I’ll send some emails today, and see what I can get to come in.

Well, soon-to-be-formerly non-existent, that is.



Personally, I hope any new series is a sequel-of-sorts. Set it today, with the events of the original series as more of the weird history of the town, filling us in on what happened as the show progresses. Get some of the actors back to reprise roles, but have the focus on new characters and new mysteries. And, of course, if both Lynch and Frost aren’t on board, let it die on the vine.

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