Watch The ORPHAN BLACK Season 2 Trailer Now

It’s only a few weeks until the new season of Orphan Black (one of the best sci-fi shows on TV, featuring one of the best actresses on TV, regardless of genre) hits BBC America.

The show, if you’re not among the series’ many devoted fans, concerns itself with a group of clones (who are genetically identical, but in all other respects couldn’t possibly be more different) that must come together to uncover the mystery of their creation. And they’re all played by the same woman (Tatiana Maslany), who gives each character such individual personalities and mannerisms that you’d be forgiven in thinking her mother simply had an insane multiple birth.

The show’s fans have been desperately waiting for season 2 since the first ended on a bit of cliff-hanger back in June, but with the premiere set for April 19, BBC America released the first full trailer today.

This comes after a series of short teasers came out via the Orphan Black Instagram last week.

Right now the first season is exclusive to Amazon Prime, but it’s a safe bet that BBC America will reair it in anticipation of the new episodes, so if you’re not already a member of “Clone Club” you still have a chance to join up. I suggest you do.

If you already are, the wait is killing me too.

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