Z NATION Is SyFy’s Next Asylum TV… Series!

SyFy has been telling me how much they love me for years through their original films, but now it seems they’re stepping it up. I think SyFy might want me to have their baby. How else could you explain a weekly series from The Asylum?

Z Nation is the studio’s first foray into episodic television, and mockbusting The Walking Dead is a smart way to take that leap. Despite their oversaturation, zombies are still reliably popular and have done well for both the network and the studio. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re pretty damn cheap, too.

The series debuts September 12. I think we all know where I’m going to be Fridays at 10.

Skott Stotland is a thousand monkeys in a people costume. They have been writing for the internet for over a decade.

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