Fan Film Friday – A Very Cool Fan Film About A Character I Kind Of Hate

There are bunch of comic characters I don’t really care for, but very few that I actively hate. The star of this short is one of them. I almost don’t want to give too much away, but it’s clear right away who Truth in Journalism is about.

True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten plays Eddie Brock in this 17 minute film from director Joe Lynch (Knights of Badassdom) and producer Adi Shankar (that Punisher Dirty Laundry short). Brock is the subject of a French documentary the crew of which gets a much more interesting story than they expected.

And of course, since it’s a Marvel movie keep watching to the end.

Does anyone else find it weird that fan films, previously the domain of dedicated nerds with camcorders, are now also being made by professional filmmakers? Don’t get me wrong, no one, not even the director of Wrong Turn 2, spends the time and effort to make a short film about Venom that he can’t make any money from unless there’s some genuine love there. It’s just bizarre to know that there’s a video on Youtube of Jason Stackhouse as Eddie Brock that Sony had nothing to do with.

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