Here’s Your X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Trailer I Guess

Despite a couple of notable missteps, the X-Men films have been among my favorite comic book adaptations. I’ve especially enjoyed the recent run of prequels. But this new one. Ugh. I just can’t bring myself to care. I’m sure a lot of you do though, so here’s the trailer.

Tremble before the fearsome might of Apocalypse, a mutant whose power is being Evil Forrest Gump and some vaguely defined shape-shifting. Or something. Apocalypse might be the worst X-Men villain. Yes, even worse than The Blob, whose power is that he’s just really fat. However, thanks to the objectively terrible (but fondly remembered) 90s X-Men cartoon the character remains a fan-favorite, even though no one can really explain why.*

X-Men Apocalypse joins X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine in theatres May 27, 2016 and I’m probably going to have to see it.


* – If you can, please do so in the comments.

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