Is Peter Jackson Really Going To Direct DOCTOR WHO?

Fans have been hoping and praying for months now about the idea of a Peter Jackson-directed episode of Doctor Who. Ever since the man behind the Lord of the Rings films and Dead Alive said that he’d do it for the princely sum of one Dalek (to go with the two he already owns) it’s been a constant topic of discussion. Now it’s looking like it might actually happen.

At a Q&A at the AdLib Comedy event in Edinburgh, Who showrunner Steven Moffatt was asked about the possibility of Jackson directing one of the Timelord’s adventures. His answer was more than a little reassuring.

“He’s serious about it. We talked at The Hobbit premiere – he just wants a Dalek. So we’ll give him a Dalek and he’ll direct an episode. I think he’d like to us to go to New Zealand. I think it’s entirely possible.”

I, for one, really hope this pans out.


Some other topics Moffatt touched upon included…

…the rumor that Harry Potter author JK Rowling is writing one of the 50th anniversary short story ebooks.

“I can’t confirm that…, right now.”

Please let this happen. She’d write such a great 10th or 11th Doctor.

…whether or not we’ll see the Doctor’s daughter Jenny again.

“The door is open, it’s entirely possible.”

Keep in mind, it was Moffat that persuaded Russell T Davies to let the character live at the end of her episode.

…or Romana?

“I have actually given no thought at all to Romana. The Time Lords are dead in my mind. They died.”

One assumes this also means Susan.

…is Peter Capaldi going to use his Scottish accent?

“I’d be very surprised if he didn’t”

Thanks to Blogtor Who for the quotes. Head over there for some more, including how Moffatt feels about Rose Tyler.

Oh, and this happened.


I wonder how he’s going to around… himself?

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