Newly Released AVENGERS And IRON MAN 3 Animatics Show Where The Films Could Have Have Gone

Being the kind of person who reads a site like this one, I’m sure you’re familiar with the Many Worlds Theory, which posits that for every decision we make a new parallel universe with a new timeline is created for each possible outcome. How would this affect some of our favorite films? Recently, storyboard artist Federico D’Alessandro has released some early or alternate versions of scenes and some scenes that just flat-out did not make into Avengers and Iron Man 3. So then, imagine the other worlds where these scenes made it past the animatic stage and into theatres.

First up is a couple of different ways they considering introducing Iron Man in Avengers. In the final film, of course we see him finishing the underwater power cable, but we could have seen him battling an evil amputee or joining in the chase for the Tesseract from SHIELD HQ.

Here we have a completely different version of Tony and Loki’s conversation in Stark Tower.

The last Avengers clip is an alternate version of the first wave of Chitauri attacking. Look closely at 17 seconds in to see a character who didn’t make it into the film.

In case you missed it, here’s a still.


From Iron Man 3, there’s this clip with an alternate take on the final fate of Trevor Slattery.

For more videos, head over to D’Alessandro‘s site. He’s also got stuff up from Thor, Captain America and Iron Man 2 (as well as a couple more from Iron Man 3).

What do you think? Do you wish these scenes had made it in or are you happy with the movies we got?

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