Potentially BS Rumor Of The Day – JUSTICE LEAGUE’s Villain Is…

Warner Bros has made some pretty stupid decisions regarding DC Comics movies over the years – passing on Whedon’s Wonder Woman, that latest Man of Steel poster, almost everything about Jonah Hex. And now this rumor.

According to Latino Review, the Justice League movie has its villain and if they’re right it’s possibly the worst one WB could have picked.

Justice League is set for a Summer 2015 release, so is Avengers 2. We already know that Iron Man & Friends will be facing off against Thanos. Latino Review says that his big brother from Apokalips will be menacing the super team from the Distinguished Competition.

Why would this be a bad idea? I mean, Darkseid is one of the biggest guns DC has villain-wise. He’s never been seen on film. And he brings with him the kind of threat that would require Superman to call on back-up. However Darkseid and Thanos are really similar (few will deny that the Mad Titan is a pretty blatant knock-off), and despite Darkseid being an older character Marvel got Thanos on-screen first.

Would WB really put their super hero team-up flick out the same time as, and with a similar villain to, the sequel to one of the highest-grossing films of all time? I’m leaning towards no, but they did give Superman a kid in his last movie.

But hey, if Darkseid’s the villain maybe we’ll see Ambush Bug.


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