What Is Up With April?

April of 2014 might be the craziest month comic book fans have seen in a very long time. Lately there have been a rash of announcements of new titles or events, so many of which are simply so bizarre or unbelievable that it’s easy to think it all may just be an April Fool’s gag by the two major publishers.

From Marvel, there’s the Deadpool wedding, which is something no one ever expected. Possibly even stranger is the first issue of a Doop miniseries which takes place on the edges of the recent “Battle of the Atom” storyline. There’s an It’s a Wonderful Life-esque What If? mini where key Avengers are removed from recent event stories and a one-shot Daredevil special that flashes forward to Matt Murdock’s 50th birthday. And Peter Parker is finally taking his body back from Doc Ock! (just in time for Amazing Spider-Man 2)


DC’s got a few big moments involving villains as Sinestro gets his own solo title and Lex Luthor joins the Justice League along with, of all people, Captain Cold. Fans were thrilled to hear that Wally West and Ted Kord are coming back. The biggest, least believable news though, has got to be the return of Stephanie Brown to the DC Universe. Oh yea, and DC is giving their books a series of Mad Magazine variant covers.

SupermanMad(Last year’s cover.)

What is in the water over at the Big Two? With so much unexpected news so far (and I’m sure I’m missing a ton), who knows what’s going to be announced next?

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